Custom T-Shirt/Polo Buisness Name?
I Am Thinking Of Opening A Custom Print T-Shirt Order Site And I Am Stuck For Names, Can Anyone Think Of One? (Cant Be Used Already By Another Company). Also Where Can I Get Cheap Wholesale Supplies (Eg: Tshirts/Polos/Iron On Transfer Paper) Thnx In Advance!! :D

Stoned Society...shirtchamp has wholesale shirts at low price

Licensed T-Shirt. . .?
Say You Have A Band Or Some Other Endeavor And You'D Like To Sell Licensed T-Shirts Related To It. What Is The Best Way To Go About This? I'M Not Talking Cafepress Type Stuff, Nor Order Wholesale Printing That You Have To Sell From Your Own Website, But Getting An Actual T-Shirt Company To Print And Sell Your Logo. Basically, What Are Tips And Suggestions For Approaching Them? And What Are Some Tshirt Company Suggestions? Thanks!

Yes, make sure you always get permission from the copyright holder, otherwise you could land yourself in a serious pickle!

So you want the t-shirt printing company to actually market and sell the product for you and just give you the profit??


I can make a suggestion to a T-Shirt printing company that are pretty cheap -

They specialise in wholesale workwear, but they do hoodies, t-shirts, polo necks and just about anything made from cloth.

Also, have you thought about embroidery rather than printing? It tends to last longer...Plus you dont ruin it with the iron!

Hope that helps buddy.