Dog Clothing Websites Uk?
I Am Getting A Chinese Crested That Is Hairless And Know That It Needs Clothing Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Clothing Websites In The Uk?

To the people who say dog's don't need clothes:

THAT. IS. A. LIE. ESPECIALLY for a Crested. Don't you know how COLD they get, even in the summer? They DO need clothes. I suggest you look up the Chinese Crested. Every site on them will say: "Chinese Cresteds need clothes, even in summer. They actively seek heat."

Plain and simple. Dogs need clothes. Fact. And Facts are Undeniable, right? ;)

Sorry for the rant, but it truly angers me to see uneducated people to yell at others for dressing their dog or not "owning a dog correctly", when really, all they're doing is HARMLESS things to them, like carrying them in bags or putting clothes on them. Most dogs don't even mind it, some even LIKE it. So what's your problem?

To answer your question, I know A LOT of good places to buy doggy clothes :)

Here: (affordable prices, adorable clothes!) (In the UK)

Good luck, Sorry about all the rude people, and congrats on your Crestie! :)

T-Shirt Printing Technique...?
What'S The Technique Called That'S Used To Print Shirts Like Don Ed Hardy, Etc? It'S Not Silk-Screening, Because You Can'T Feel A Difference Between Cloth And Design. Is The Design Just Already Incorporated And Knit Into The Fabric? Thanx For Your Help.

There are several types of screen printing inks all do not add a raised surface. From what I could see on the web the image would almost certainly be screen printed.