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The Best Clothing Choices For Short Women?
I Am 5'2. I Will Be Going Shopping Soon. What Type Of Clothing Would Be Best To Purchase Without Giving Me A Short Stumpy Look? I Am In My Mid 20'S...Don'T Want To Look Older Than I Am, But Don'T Want To Look To Teeny Bopperish Either. Please Include Links If Possible Thanks

I'm the same height and age as you....

I try to stick with clothes that fit well.....that's a general rule for everyone. if it fits well it'll just always look good. and especially for short woman, you should never wear baggy stuff. The deal is to create a vertical line and anything that takes away from that is a no-no.

skinny jeans
short skirts (long skirts past the knees will make you look shorter), heels
empire waisted dresses
A-line dresses/skirts
wearing one color
no horizontal stripes
long T-shirts
footless tights
pin-striped dress shirts (love the polo ones)

those describe my clothes i guess....

here is a great article i found. I love glamour.com in general for style tips: