Where Online Can I Buy Blank, Wholesale, Cheap T Shirts?
I'M Starting A Screen Printing Business And I'M Looking Everywhere Online To Try And Find Blank T Shirts That I Can Buy In Bulk. So Far Everywhere I'Ve Looked Is No Cheaper Than $1.45 A Shirt (White) And $2.50 (Dark Colors). I'M A Little Limited On Beginning Funds And Is Where My Concern Comes In. I'Ve Tried Looking At Shops Around Town But Being From A Small Town Has Me Limited, And Is More Expensive Than Online. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

www.alibaba.com have you tried that? there are many manufacturers on that site from china.

Anyway Good luck

What Is The Cheapest Web Site Where I Can Make Customized T-Shirts In Small Bulks?
I Have A Company And I Have Designs That I Want To Print On T-Shirts To Sell. I Need A Variety Of Styles And I Want To Make A Good Profit With Out Having To Charge My Customers Too Much, Any Ideas?


Minimums of 12 t shirts and have wholesale customer programs. The website is mostly informational, you'll want to give them a call or email to discuss what you want, but they print for brokers, designers and other printers and embroiderers. Compared to the big internet only based screen printers, their prices are good too!