How Much Money Shall I Take With Me For Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur?
Dear People Of The World, We Are Two Students Trying To Visit Malaysia For International Conference. We Are Really Curious About How Much Money To Bring With Us To Stay In Kl For 4 Days And Enjoy The City Sightseeings With Traditional Food Tastes. 1)How Much For Daily Food? 2)Is Shopping Expensive In There?Like If I Want To Buy Like T-Shirts ...Other Stuff... 3)How About Local Transportation? We Would Like To Know The As Minimum As Possible, Daily Expense. Thank You So Much... Regards

Ive been to Kuala Lumpur from Philippines three times now within the span of four years and I always like to explore and know the city and find ways to keep my expenses at most affordable , so heres what I found out and could be of great use to you guys;

1. In Kuala Lumpur the price of food in hawkers/vendor places and big malls food court are the almost the same , so my best advise go for food courts of malls.
Nasi Lemak - Chicken rice and curry sauce with rice cooked in coconut milk in Kopitiam in Sogo Malls or any malls is 5 Ringgit , in any stalls almost the same .

Chicken Rice or Hainanese Chicken - 5 to 6.50 Ringgit

1 USD = 3.34 Ringgit if your USD is in 100 denomination , for lower denomination exchange rates is lower.

Buy your bottled water in Groceries almost all malls have groceries only 0.80 cents for 500 ml in groceries but in special stores can be 1.20 Ringgit .

Usually if you follow my suggestion , you spend like USD 10.00 snacks included / pay for each person .

2. Shopping is not expensive in Malaysia , go to Sungei Wang for clothes , shoes , watches , hair cuts and games but be sure its original (they will tell you the truth if you ask)
Also since its Visit Malaysia year now , so many dept stores are on Sale . For electronics go to Low Fat (??) behind Sungei Wang . Good food and great variety try the chicken fish barbecue ,are in Bukit Bintang at night ,

3.Transportation is cheap and easy in Kuala Lumpur , they have MRT , Mono Raiuls , Buses and TAxis . From the airport to KL , I use the airport buses of Airasia and other buses it will cost you 9 Rinngit from LCCT (Low Cost Airport from the KLIA get a service bus that will bring you to LCCT ) to KL Sentral , also you could buy the Airasia SkyVan coupon for 9 Rinngit , these vans will be stationed in KL Sentral (where all trasport in Malaysia are stationed (trains , buses taxis )and upon alighting from Airbuses , hop on these Vans and they will bring you to your accommodation doorstep. Cheapest and most convenient. Taxis will charge you on contracted fee or taxi meter if you insist or coupons if available in KL sentral . If the route your taking is covered by Monborail , then you have to take it from accross the KL Sentral cost the most farthest route 2.50 Ringgit to Medan Tuanku.

1. Most economical hotel , go to www.tunehotels,com , they offer basic hotel , great bed , great shower in your room and best location and security . Most I paid for 3 nights in a double room is 149.00 Rinngit /3 nights plus 12 hours aircon which could be topped up . But you need to book like one month to get the best rate , the rates depend on when you booked . You could even pay like 9 Rinngit if you book like two months before . Happy Shopping and great finds in least expensive way in KL.

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Hi ,
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