What Websites Have Clothes For The Working Woman?
Clothes For The Office And Other Work Places.....

It really depends on what type of office you work in and how much money you have to spend.
If you need to wear suits or more formal clothes, TJ Maxx and similar stores have really good deals (you can find suits for about $40). Banana Republic, Ann Taylor loft and Express have cute stuff, but they are more expensive. Brook Brothers for women has some very good stuff, but it's very expensive if you are on a budget.
If you don't have to wear a suit, you can get away with spending much less money- you can get decent slacks and shirts at any department store, even at JCP. If you are on a budget,you can buy 2-3 pairs of slacks in different neutral colors and buy a bunch of cheaper tops/shirts and you will still look polished.
If you are pregnant (judging from your avatar), it may not be a bad idea to look at e-bay and second-hand stores, since you will only use those clothes for several months, and most second-hand maternity clothes are almost new.

Cheapest For Shopping ?
Hey Im Going To Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Next Sunday. Should I Start A Shopping Spree There Or Wait Until I Get To Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok) ? Or Wait For Vietnam ? Would It Be Worth It To Fly For 300 Dollar To The Philippines Because Its Even Cheaper There ? Or Make Another Stop In Singapore ? Im Going For Clothes And Electronics.

It depends what clothes you're looking. Simple T-shirt, you should wait till you in Thailand and Vietnam. At Thai go to Suan Lum (Night market) or Chak tochak (weekend Market) both at Bangkok. At Vietnam Benthan market (Saigon).
But for branded stuff, I found Malaysia has a better offer for Levis (U$ 60-80), Banana Republic ect. And it were on sale for weeks now.
But as Malaysian does their shopping in Bandung Indonesia, you should find away to get there also. Flying from KL to Bandung with Air Asia was daily and very cheap. T-shirt only cost (U$ 4-15).
Electronics, I should say KL. Singapore now has a very strong currency. They are little bit more expensive. Vietnam, its so hard to find latest electronic, but phone cell and cammeras are very cheap there. I Bought Cannon 400D for U$ 400-500. And Apple I-phone (first gen) it cost U$ 300-400.

So have a nice one...