Where Can You Find A Wholesale T-Shirt Manufacturer That Will Print Design Logo Tags As Well?
Trying To Create My Own Design Company, I Would Like To Start With T-Shirts. I Have Quite A Few Designs, But I Do Not Want To Use Wholesale T-Shirts Like Hanes Etc... I Would Like My Own Logo Printed On The Tag, Or I Would Like To Find Just Tagless, Labeless Shirts, Where I Am Able To Screen Print My Own Logo On The Back Inside. If Anyone Knows The Avenues I Need To Follow Please Let Me Know. Thanks

the easy answer is the yellow pages of any major city.
i'd look for one that has a garment district.
be really careful. it is easy to get a cheaper price, but usually that means an inferior product.
the problem will be shipping costs. find a good shipper first then find the wholesaler.
i am trying to ship a grandfather clock. the prices dock to dock range from 154 to 315 from 6 different shipping companies.
you will be looking at "ltl" loads.
perhaps ups and fed ex are good starts. my clock exceedes their volume standards.

Where Is The Cheapest Uk Place To Buy Blank T-Shirts?
Where Can I Buy Cheap Blank T-Shirts Suitable For Iron-On Images? Does Anyone Know Any Uk Based Websites Or Shops Where I Could Buy Quite A Lot Or Even Just A Few, For A Cheap Price? Thanks.

they are cheap in primark
my daughter buys them and uses them to iron on her own images
and they wash great

depends on volume as to whether they would be cheaper wholesale, but i doubt
problem with primarks is you couldnt sell them on as they have the essentials trade mark printed onto them at the neck