Men Cardigans Sweaters?
Does Any One Know Of A Good Website That Has A Wide Selection Of Men'S Cardigan Sweaters

My overall favorite stores would be J.Crew, Barneys New York, and Urban Outfitters.

For a classic, sophisticated fit, you should probably try J.Crew.
My favorite for an everyday wear that can be dressed up or down:

Barneys New York is a bit expensive because it carries designer clothing, but the clothes are always nice.
These two are pretty nice, the first for the color and the second for the cut and style:,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

Urban Outfitters has a wide variety of different styles that are cheaper than Barneys New York.;jsessionid=0090CAF90B11BE76DFC121B24EC46BDE.app16-node1?specialCategory=false&navAction=jump&navCount=0&itemCount=&id=MENS
I like the red detailing on this one which helps the normal gray cardigan stand out in a nice way:,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=24&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=M_APP_CARDIGANS&popId=MENS_APPAREL&prepushId=
This one is classic. The green is nice and the white stripes on the sleeve keep it from looking boring:,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=210&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=M_APP_CARDIGANS&popId=MENS_APPAREL&prepushId=

Easy To Make Dog Sweater?
I Want To Make My Dog A Sweater For Winter. Right Now I Only Know How To Knit To Make A Rectangle Shape. Any One Know Easy Beginner Pattern Or Site To Make A Real Dog Sweater With Arm Holes And Collar? I Know It'S Better To Post Under Kniiting. But Can'T Find The Catagory.

Hi fellow beginning knitter! I recently learned to knit so I could make dog sweaters for my rescue group. Making a rectangle is just fine.
Here's what you do:
Cast on enough stitches to cover the dog from one side to the other-for small dogs I use between 35-50 stitches, depending on what needle size I use. The bigger the needle, the bigger the sweater (I learned that the hard way).
Knit enough rows to cover the butt of the dog up to the front of the leg. I usually measure the dogs butt in inches as opposed to stitches, because I do lose count (senior moments)
At the end of the row, cast on more stitches for a band to go under the belly. This you will have to measure as well. I use from 15-30 stitches, depending on plumpness. Inch measurements work well here too.
When the band has enough length to go to right behind the front legs, cast off until you get back to the original rectangle and then continue knitting.
When you get to the neck, you can decrease stitches for about 4-5 rows to make the neck a little fitted. Then cast those stitches back on and even a few more so the neck won't be hard to get over the head. I usually knit big cowl turtlenecks for my kids, which can be a long as 12 inches and rolled over.
When you are done, you thread a needle with yarn and sew the band to the other side of the sweater.
The finished sweater should have a gap in front of the belly band for the legs to fit through.
I find that this design is much easier to get dog legs through.
When you get comfortable with this design, you can add rib stitches, or a cable stitich across the back, and I usually knit the turtleneck in a contrasting color for interest.
Have fun with this -it is great fun! My pin loves to model these for potential buyers.