Sweater Dresses?
What Do U Guys Think Of Sweater Dresses?Are They Going To Be A Classical Piece Or Just Something That'S A Trend?I'M Thinking Buying One. I Wanted To Know What U Think?

I personally think that a sweater dress is a classic piece for fall and winter. I would stay with a black, red, or cream color.
The nice thing about them is you can dress them up or down.
You can wear heels or boots with them, and the accessories option is unlimited !! I have a black & cream and have had them for a long time. Keep in mind that when you wash it keep on a gentle cycle cold water and dry it flat. Also when washing your black items turn it inside out to prevent it from
fading. ( This goes for anything black, jeans, shirts, sweaters )

Sweater dress are a classic !! Just keep your color basic. Hope this has helps !!


Anyone Know How To Crochet Sweaters?
Right, Well, I Have Two Gay Friends Who Wants Sweaters. I'Ve Got Heaps Of Yarn And A Bunch Of Hooks. Problem Is, I Have Crocheted Since My Grandmother Died How Many Years Ago. I'M Kind Of Fail At It Now, And I Realise That I Only Know How To Make Afghans. Have Any Sites Or Links That Could Help Me With This? My One Friend Is Pretty Fat, So I'Ll Need Step-By-Steps On How To Make Sweaters Of All Sizes.:3 10 Points For Whoever Gives Me The Site That Makes The Most Sense!

There are thousands of sweater patterns available. Some free on the internet, some in books and some sold individually. If you google "free crochet sweater patterns" you'll turn up hundreds of them. Here's a good starting point:


The lionbrand site is pretty reliable on providing well written patterns that look nice. They also have some good instructional information to help you brush up your skills and learn any new ones needed to graduate from afghans to garments: http://learntocrochet.lionbrand.com/?lea...

One sort of easy way to make a custom sized sweater is to make it by sewing together smaller motifs. The classic example would be the granny square. You just lay out the squares in a sort of T shape and sew them together leaving openings as appropriate. The nice thing about modular sweaters is you don't have to carry the whole project with you all the time, just enough for a motif or two. Another nice thing is the squares can be recycled for other projects if you make too many, change your mind, or lose the friend before the sweater is done.