Any Amazing Cardigans/Sweaters?
I Really Want Soem Type Of Sweater Cardigan Thing? Any1 Kno Where I Can Find A Cute One! Thanks!

There are some pretty amazing cardis and sweaters:



How To Make A Medium Sized Sweater?
Ok So How Do I Begin? How Many Stiches? Any Websites That Have A Guide On How To Knit A Simple Sweater?

There are thousands of free sweater patterns for knitting on the Internet. Some places to look for a pattern you like--which will tell you what yarn to use and approximately what size needles to start with to duplicate the gauge of the sweater are listed below.

You didn't specify who the sweater is for or your skill level, so these are links to women's sweater patterns of all skill levels.
Lion Brand Yarns:
Garn Studio/DROPS:

In case you want to design your own, here are links to pattern generators:
Knitting Fool:
Lucia the Knitting Fiend:
Raglan sweater: