How Can I Mass Produce My Tee Shirt Designs?
I'Ve Been Drawing Designs On Tee Shirts With Fabric Markers By Hand And Selling Them Locally In Small Amounts, But I Want To Mass Produce Them Now And Sell Like Bigger Quantities Online In My Own Online Shop. So How Can I Print Lots Of Tee Shirt Designs Fast And Easily? I Don'T Like The Idea Of Screen Printing Though, I Use Too Many Colours And Details And Lines I Don'T I Would Like Screen Printing I Think It Would Just Be As Tedious As Drawing My Designs By Hand. Would Iron On Papers Work? Or Is There Any Other Methods?

ever hear of CafePress? They will print your shirt designs, but it is screen printing.

You may also want to look in the phone book for local Print Shops, but it won't be cheap, vastly decreasing your profit margin.

Airbrushing is a cheaper alternative to getting it printed, but you need a good compressor, and lots of Frisket Film.

My personal experience is that if you want it done to your exact specifications, do it by hand. Otherwise, screen printing is much easier. Airbrushing can be fun to get into, but once you outgrow your first cheap setup, the price gets pretty steep.

Where Can I Get A Pullover Sweater Like This? 10 Points, Yeah? (;?
Http://Weheartit.Com/Entry/1779859 Do You Guys Know Any Stores That Have Sweaters Like This? I Know It'S Summer But I Can Wear It On Those Cold Summer Nights Ahaha, Thanks!

Blushed Sweater Top from Forever 21 --- it has the same silhouette, but different color/pattern:

Truly Madly Deeply Navajo Tunic from Urban Outfitters --- this one has the same pattern, but doesn't look as warm. haha:

byCORPUS off the Shoulder Sweater from Urban Outfitters --- this one looks warm. ^^:

Urban Renewal Off the Shoulder Graphic Sweatshirt --- they have this style in several other prints:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=1225&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_APP_KNIT&popId=W_TOPS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=&isSoldOut=

Cable Sweater Pullover from Free People --- really expensive xP:

Hope this helps :)