Printing T-Shirts: Yudu Vs. Ezscrrenprint Vs. Customink?
I'M Starting A Club At My School Where We Would Make Graphic T-Shirts, I'Ve Been Looking At Different Types Of Screen Printing And Came Up With Two: 1. Yudu Screen Printing 2. Ezscreenprinting Or 3. Just Send It To Customink Which Is The Best Way To Go For 1 T-Shirt, 10 T-Shirts, Or 50 T-Shirts? I'M Expecting To Print Many Different Designs And Not All Of Them Need To Be Mass Produced

Custom ink... they can help you with price estimates and tell you which colors and shirts are the cheapest to most expensive. They also make them fast and its really easy!

Hoodies Sweaters!?
Ok So I Want To Buy A Ned Hoodies And Sweaters But I Ve Tried Every Store And Notbing What Is A Good Web Were There Is Sweaters And Hoodies But Cute One That Arent Just Plain

they have hoodies and sweaters here:
and you can try going into a stitches store..they usually have nothing on their website but i looked on garage and they dont have many hoodies on their websites and neither does stitches but if you can find a store they have lots of hoodies..just go to find a store on their website and then see if you have a store where you live...hollister might have some hoodies or sweaters pretty sure they do but im not sure because im new to hollister...hollisters website is ...or i know that bluenotes has or ardenes...and you can try american eagle outfiters... ...also im pretty sure i saw a ned hoodie at garage instead of just a sweater....hope i helped