Teen Style Clothing Websites?
Hello, I'M Going To Be A Junior This Year And I Want To Kind Of Update My Look. I Want To Have A City Type Of Vibe(Not Urban), But More Like A New York Style. I Want To Look More Sophisticated(Not Business Like). I Just Want To Look More Ummmmm Mature(I Guess That Would Be The Word). I Want Clothing Like In Express And Rampage. What Are Some Other Clothing Websites With A City Vibe To Them? I Like Forever21, But I Want Something Else. Thanks.

I live in the city and i think H&M is a very New York City sophisticated clothing store. Here in New York City, a person who has a good fashion sense keeps it simple. There is nothing worse than a person who dresses tacky. Wear Neutral colors and avoid low cut clothing (you don't want to look like a whore) There are different stores where you can find great clothes. Do not overdo it. To avoid looking urban, do NOT: wear graphic tees, sneakers, colored jeans. I prefer Keds rather than Nike or Jordan. All I really have to say is just, keep it simple :))

go to: http://lookbook.nu/ (for inspiration)

Good Name For Clothing Website?
Hey! I Am Starting A Website That Is Like Daily Deals For Clothes So Really Need A Name, Something Short, And Rememberable And Most Of All Brandable! I Like Something Like Wowsy.Com Or Wowme.Com So Somethiung Kind Of Abstract That Can Make Into A Brand! Any Ideas Would Be Great! And If I Use Your Name You Can Have A Free Celeb Dress! Xxx

A clothing website sounds like a great idea and I would be glad to offer my ideas!
A cool name is "glam-up.com" or maybe "wow-licious.com". I was also thinking about "clothes-heaven.com" , "style-alert.com", so-stylish.com", "go-clothes.com".

I am going to try to think more names and if I come up with something else, I let you know! Hope I helped you! 😄⭐ let me know what you chose eventually!