Screen Printing Alternatives For Shirts?
My Friend And I Want To Start A Small Buisness And Plan On Designing Shirts. Getting It Done Professionally Is Way Too Expensive, And So Is Investing In The Equipment For Doing It Ourselves. We Would Be Making Things On A Very Small Scale And Screen Printing Is Just Not Worth It. I Don'T Want To Do Iron-On Transfers Because They Look Tacky, Stenciling Will Be Too Hard For Complicated Images, And Fabric Markers Fade Too Fast And Are Hard To Control. Can You Just Use Fabric Paint (Not The Puffy Kind) To Acheive Similar Results To Screen Printing? Other Than Screen Printing, Stenciling, And Fabric Markers, How Can You Create Your Own T Shirt Design??? *Please Don'T Tell Me Places To Get It Done Professionally, We Want To Do This Ourselves!

Try transfers with an ink jet printer. You have to buy a special printer and ink but the transfers look pretty good. You have to heat press them to the shirt but they look good, stay on, and you can customize the prints. Good luck!

What Stores Can I Get Some Cute Sweater (Or Knit) Jumpers?
Like These: Http://Www.Target.Com/Juniors-Xhilaration-Sweater-Jumper-Heather/Dp/B000taj2be/Qid=1192239304/Ref=Br_1_11/601-0248155-0311314?Ie=Utf8&Node=379041011&Frombrowse=1&Index=Tgt-Mf-Mv&Field-Browse=379041011&Rank=%2Bdaterank&Rh=&Page=4 Http://Www.Abercrombie.Com/Webapp/Wcs/Stores/Servlet/Productdisplay?Catalogid=10901&Productid=367487&Langid=-1&Categoryid=12270&Parentcategoryid=12203&Colorsequence=05 I Already Know That Target, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Hollister, And Nordstrom Rack Sell Them But All The Good Sizes And Colors Always Sell Out. So Any More Stores? Please Include Links. Thanks. =]

Sweater Dresses are so cute for fall!!! Try these links:

♥ I hope you find a cute sweater dress!!♥