Online Clothing Store Help?
I'M Looking For Cheap Replicas For Dolce And Gabbana And Derion But I'M In The United States (Michigan) And I Need A Replica Site That Has The Number To It To Contact Them, The Site Number Has To Be Within A 1800 Number

Stores like Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal are designed to look like designer replicas, but often they don't. A cool website where you can get designer clothes for between 50 and 80% off is I buy clothes from that site all of the time... It's true designer and good quality stuff that is affordable! They currently have sales on D&G clothes, shoes, and accessories. These sales will last for 1 more day!

Is It Possible To Screen Print A T-Shirt'S Care Information?
Rather Than Having A Heat Transfer Or A Tag?

Yes its very possible. Screen print is useful if you want to make many shirts. If you want to do a few, then heat transfer might be a better option. The set up is the hard part. After the set up though, it's a snap; providing you have all of the equipment.

The screens takes some time for preparation in cleaning and loading the screens with emulsion,

Then exposing the screen to UV light with your design to create the image on the screen.

Then washing out the unexposed emulsion and drying.

Apply the screen to press, then the ink. This is for one color. If you want to do more then one color, it would require a press that can handle multi colors.

Here is a link that talks about the process.

I hope this helps in answering your question?