I Need A Non Water Based Glue To Use For Screen Printing. I Was Told You Use Mod Podge But Its All Waterbased.
First Time Screen Printer From The Uk With A Limitied Budget (Student)

photo emulsion is best
modge podge will work once or twice.
If you are useing the glue as the paint medium applying the design directly from the bottle to the screen Aleene's Jewel It glue is a thin body water proof glue that flows nicely from the bottle. It is bluish in color until dry then clear and doesn't discolor with age or exposure to the sun as some glues will. It is a supple glue used to mend and adhere sewuins to bridal gowns and was originally marketed as a bridal or sequin art glue. Aleene's is available online, I don't know how readily available it is in UK but a web search wouldn't hurt

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Thus, silk screen is coated with the liquid emulsion, and allowed to dry and harden. ... away emulsion scum that if allowed staying in the screen and dry ...http://www.reptorproductions.co.uk/compu...

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Business How To Create An Online Clothing Store?
I Need Advice Or Help On How To Start An Online Clothing Store (Wholesale) And Connect With Other Retailers Who Do I Contact What Website I Sign Up And How I Go About Getting A Legal Name For Any Help Will Be Very Much Appreciated I Been Working On This For A Couple Months Now Thank You All

An online store whether wholesale or retail would need to obtain a unique domain name, a hosting account, some payment processing/merchant account to automate the acceptance of credit card payments.

Maintaining ownership of a domain name is one form of business name protection, I would think a wholesaler would probably be setting up some LLC or corporation to protect personal assets.

If the traffic were modest a simple $8/mo "unlimited" shared hosting account with a bundled domain name might do for starters, I can't recommend a particular source they are countless.

Having the site created with your catalog pages, shopping cart software and payment/checkout processing would have to be created, ther are lots of web developers out there, if you provide a very specific requirement you can get bids from freelance developers on sites like Odesk.com or Elance.com it's possible to use off-short talent to save money, more ideally you use a local developer you can meet face to face. It's possible to start with a design template to save on development cost,

One of their hundreds of retail templates can probably be adapted as well.

Getting known might require a combination of paid internet advertising and search engine traffic which can be boosted with SEO. Getting visitors can be the biggest challenge.

Some wholesale sales go on at marketplace sites like Ebay or Amazon, which also help provide prospects. This can be a simpler way to test the waters. A simple online retailer might also use a dedicated estore host with integrated templates for an initial test store.

Eventually you might be able to get into "certified" wholesaler directories like WorldWideBrands.com