Online Clothing Store?
I'M 15 But I'M Very Mature For My Age I Like To Dress With Either A Sophisticated Or Punk Look I Like To Dress In Mainly Darker Colors But Some Color Here In There Is Okay I Wouldn'T Mind A Store With Bright Clothes I'M A Size Sm Sx And In 5Months I'M Leaving The Usa To Live In Australia For Foreign Exchange I Want To Add Some New Clothes To My Ward Robe Before Leaving

Online Clothing Stores:
Almost any store is an online clothing store! But i hope i helped a little and sorry about the prices, i have expensive taste

I'Ve Made My Own Silk Screen.. But What Paint Works Best?
So Yeah, I'Ve Made My Own Silk Screen And Im Debating On What Type Of Paint I Should Use To Print On Clothes.. I Want Them To Last.. Any Ideas?

you should use silkscreen fabric ink. Do not use acrylic paint it will dry in the screen and ruin it. You can buy the silkscreen fabric ink in art supply stores. after you silkscreen the shirts use a hair dryer to heat set the ink and make it permanent Strange enough you can also silkscreen with soft scrub (the one with bleach) it will bleach the area of the shirt a light color and it looks pretty cool, but make sure to wash the shirt before you wear it!