Does Anyone Know A Good Place To Print My T-Shirt Design? In Honolulu, Hi?
Ive Been Using Ps Cs4 Lately, And Ive Been Designing Some T Shirts, And I Really Want To Know Where I Can Find A Place To Print My T Shirts. Does Anyone Know?

I think you are looking for a local screen printing company but i know an online screen printing provider Design2Express that will not only help you in your t-shirt printing as well as their free of cost graphic design consultancy for giving you t-shits a professional designer's look, you could provide with the your custom artwork in PSD format, they provide custom quotes, cheap printing as compared to the market with free shipping to the doorstep.

Cute/Affordable Online Clothing Stores?
Id Like To Get Some New Clothes For A Fresh Wardrobe, My Clothes Are Getting Old And Drab. Any Help? (For Girls) Thankiiess

Well, there are tons of cute places to look for affordable clothing at low prices. One of my favorite stores is H&M. They sell amazingly fashionable clothes (very European and trendy) at very affordable prices. However, they don't have an online website, but you could always try Forever21. I am not a fan of their clothing, because the quality's awful (zippers gap, dye runs, seams burst, etc.), but they do sell some fashionable clothing and they are extremely affordable. I like Ann Taylor and Bebe, both very different, and both fairly expensive, but I think it's better to invest in a few staple pieces then get a lot of cheap ones that won't last. Ann Taylor's more classic, and Bebe's more sexy, but both have great pieces. Also, Victoria's Secret sells clothing on their online store, and they have some really great pieces, and they aren't all that expensive, but I'm fairly certain that the quality is good too. I would also advise you check out Arden B, they sell a variety of clothing at good prices, as does Charlotte Russe. For shoes, invest in some really nice pairs, I like Nine West and Steve Madden. Hope this helps and good luck!