What Supplies Do I Need For Making A Small Screen Printing Studio?
Some Friends And I Are Interested In Making A Silk Screening Studio In My Basement. I Need A Good List Of Vital Supplies/Equipment. I'Ve Screen Printed Before, But I Do Not Remember All The Equipment I Used Or The Names Of The Equipment. Thanks!

Try this:


Japanese Clothing Stores Online?
I Want To Have Great Clothing For School. But The Only Problem With That Is I Live Where People Shop At Almost All The Same Place. So This Year I Want To Shop Online, But I Want Japanese Clothing. I Like The Cute Clothing, But Also I Like The Gothic Style Too. I Need Diversity

Yay! You sound really cool. I love kawaii and goth-y style clothing. When I went to Japan last year, the biggest trends were last year's American trends! J-list has a couple of little accesories, but the Japanese wore lots of pink, floral, lace, and ruffles. Try kawaii-shop.blogspot.com. The clothes there look like things you could buy at many big stores like forever21. Another great thing would be to alter clothes. Buy a cute dress or romper, but add some lace or wear it under a ruffley skirt. For more of the goth-loli looks, wear frilly blouses and black ruffled skirts. I hope this helped :]