Does The Craft Store Micheals Or Craft Warehouse Sell Ink Used For Screen Printing Or Silk Screening?
Or Do You Know A Store That Does Sell That? I Know Joann'S Doesn'T Have It. Thanks, Meg

I don't *think* that most craft stores sell screen printing ink, but perhaps some art supply stores do.

I always had to go to a special place to buy it when I was using plastisol for t-shirts, but other paints can be used for screen printing on paper, etc., too and they're more easily available... like Versatex, if memory serves?

Diane B.

1 Color Job Print Screening On T-Shirts In Brooklyn, Ny?
Does Anyone Know A Cheap Place Where They Do 1 Color Print Screening On T-Shirts In Brooklyn, Ny? I Want To Print White Ink On Navy Blue T-Shirts, Just Front Of Shirt... 3 Of Each S, M, L, Xl, Xxl (I Will Be Supplying The Cotton Shirts) A Name And Contact Phone # Would Be Great. If You Do This On Your Own Professionally I'M Interested Too And I Can Use More Of You For Future Projects. Thanks A Bunch.

Well, not in Brooklyn,NY but If you are finding online then i know such a company which deals in providing custom printed shirts at discounted rates which are 100% cotton with nice fitting and you can choose your own material too, also customizing your design with their free of cost graphic design consultancy is a plus and free shipping is given by them.You can contact the support for your printing quote and discount offers.