Online Clothing Stores?
My Question Is Simple. Do You Actually Go Shopping For Clothes Online? Do You End Up Getting The Right Fit Or Are There Some Clothes That Don'T Work? How Do You Make Sure That You'Re Buying Things That Work?

Yes. I shop for clothes online all the time! The key is to know if you fit into the clothing by trying other things from the same brand and checking the size. for instance, if i had a shirt from gap that was an xs, and i wanted to get a new shirt, i'd get an xs. I usually buy my clothes online at old navy, and they always work because almost every time they fit perfectly, but if they don't you can get a full refund or an exchange with free shipping! : )

Custom T-Shirt Printing...?
So I Got A Couple Designs That I Want To Print On Shirts... Some Are Simple (Stencil 1-2 Colors), Some Are More Complex... I Have Some Friends, Family, Ect That Have For Sure Been Wanting To Buy Them If They Were Ever Printed... So I Did Some Research And The Problem I Came Across Is That Just About Everyplace I Looked Online, A Shirt (Front & Back) Would Approximately Come Out To $20-$30 With Shipping... Their Are Some Very Good Prices For Wholesale, Problem Is I Don'T Have That Kind Of Money For Wholesale... I'M A Firm Believer That You Don'T Need Money To Make Money...Everyone Had To Start Off From Nothing To Something Right... Now The Real Question Is Does Anyone Know Of A Place Online Or In California (Inland Empire) Where I Can Have Shirts Printed Cheaper...??? If Anyone Can Help Out With Any Kind Of Information (And I Do Mean Any) Dealing With T-Shirt Printing I Would Highly Appreciate It... Thank You...

I would start with the simple designs, stencil 1-2 colours and screen print. By the time you get screen, ink, squeegees, an iron and cleaning agents you have invested maybe about $50 in equipment. You can buy blank shirts for a couple bucks each.

There will be a bit of trail and error until you are able to get an even print, however once you get it down you will be able to mass produce for not a lot of money.

Many places still use screen printing for doing t-shirt design, it is still by far the cheapest most efficient way to go about it.
It is also a good DIY project. Outsourcing small scale production is extremely expensive.

As a side note, you can reuse the same screen many many times. So it is a one time purchase which will allow you to do several different simple designs.