Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy And Print T-Shirts Uk?
I Got Some Good T-Shirt Designs And I Would Like To Sell Them Because I'M Going To Have My Own Website Soon. One Of The Tops I'M Doing Is Unisex For Yaoi Fan Girls And Yaoi Guys Haha Everyone, My Designs Are Japanese Inspired And Alot Of People I Know Are Interested. I Live In Crystal Palace So I Don'T Want A Place Too Far Away Like Out Of London And I Really Would Prefere A Place Where The T-Shirt And The Print Are Priced Together. I Really Would Like To Make As Much Profit As I Can Ofcourse So Nowhere Too Pricey Please But Anyway If You Know Something About These Places Could You Let Me Know, Thankyou To All Those Who Actually Want To Help X

Go to online business websites. At there you can find list of manufacturers & suppliers of print t-shirts.

How Do You Use Silk Screen Properly?
I Just Started Printing Shirt And I Still Don't Know How To Do It Properly. I Have A Silk Screen But I Don't Know How To Use It. I Tried Using It With The Stencils That I Created But I Ended Up With A Ruin Shirt. Maybe You Guys Can Give Me Some Tips And Advice How To Do It Neatly... Thanks!

It's likely that you either didn't let your piece dry between colors, didn't glue your stencil down firmly enough, or didn't mark the registration accurately.
Here's a couple of websites with how-to info.
Dharma Trading Co is a great place for supplies,
and there's a tutorial on the site, too.
Good luck!