How To Setup A Clothes Store Online?
I Want To Set Up A Clothes Store Online But I Am Completely New At This And Have Some Questions 1. Can I Import Clothes From China/Korea Are You Allowed To Buy Things That Cheap Then Re-Package Them And Sell Them As Your Own? Also Can You Tell Me A Good Link That You Know Is Trustworthy? 2. Could I Start Through Ebay? I Think I Should Start It Off There. 3. When I Am Ready To Set Up A Website, How? 4. Could I Ever Get Enough Business To Open A Real Shop. 5. Any Other Helpful Answers Would Be Really Appreciated Thank You.

1) You can import clothes from anywhere you like , you may need to pay an import customs tax , and you can repackage them and sell them but you must be honest and not infringe any copyright.
You can not not state made in the uk , if they they originated from china.
2) Yes you can start through e bay
3) You can learn how to set up a website from many college's or just pay someone to do it for you.
4) yes - why not make millions ? it is possible how ever not as easy as you may think !
5) You can pay a company in china to make clothes with your original " Label " on them , your clothes will be distinctive and as such will not infringe any copyright.
Basically you just need some money , check out the cost of importing a van full of goods from china , customs excise duty , and be realistic about how easy you can sell your clothes at a profit !

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