Some Questions About Silk Screening/Screen Printing? Please Help.?
1. Whats A Good Website To Buy Supplies? 2. How Many Screens Can You Make With Just The Diazo Kit? 3. How Dark Does The Room Have To Be When You Apply The Emulsion On The Screen? Also I Want To Build A Light Box, But I Do Not Want To Use Unfiltered Black Light, Is Regular Florescent Lights A Safe Alternative? If So How Long Will It Take For The Screen To Burn And Is There Any Particular Type Of Florescent Bulb To Get. And If You'D Like To Give Me Any Tips It Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

I buy most of my stuff through I get my screens through and buy my garments through

On short runs, 1-12, I use 1 coat of diazo, on screens I plan to save, I coat the front and the back. 1 gallon goes a long way.

I use yellow dark room lights, so my room is pretty lit up.

I use black lights in my table, 5 to be exact and burn single coats for 8min and double for 15min.

Make sure whatever light you use, that the screen is 100% flat on the table and covered with a dull black towel or something before you apply whatever weight you will use to keep it flat or it will not wash out in spots. I learned the hard way.

Check out youtube for free demos

How Can I Make My Own (Custom) T-Shirts Online For Very Cheap?!?
I Need To Make A Few T-Shirts, Good Quality Online - Order Them And Have Them Delieverd To Mu House! I Also Need Them Very Cheap!! Wer'Re Talking No $30 Per Shirt!! Help Please - Extra Stars For Best Answer!

Office supply stores sell iron-on material that you can print in your inkjet printer. After the ink dries, you place it on a shirt and press it on with an iron according to the directions.

They don't last forever but it's cheap, fast and easy.