Where Can I Find Silk Screen Printing Equipment, Supplies, And Blank T-Shirts Locally In Chicago Area?

Nazdar Source One
1087 n. North Branch Street
Chicago, IL 60622


They sell to large and small.

Good Luck

Online Clothing Stores?
I Already Shop At Places Like Forever 21, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, Etc. Any Other Online Clothing Stores For Teenage Girls? Preferably Fairly Affordable!

Urban Outfitters - It may be a little expensive, but their clothes are hip and probably the best you can buy. They have many items, so you're almost guaranteed to find what you're looking for. If its too pricy, be sure to browse the sale section.

DELiA*s - Location is very inconvenient, so I mostly order online rather than visit their actual store. They often have free shipping if you subscribe to them via email though. There may be one by where you live, I'm not sure. DELIA*s has many unique and fun outfits. They also have a wide range of band merch.

Wetseal - I LOVE wetseal. They have pretty cheap prices. Although the tops can be a bit revealing, their sweaters and jackets are adorable! There is a wetseal in almost every mall, so it should be easy to find one if you want to check it out.

YesStyle - If you're looking for cool, edgy clothes that barely anyone else will have, YesStyle is your place! It has Asian fashion, mostly the kind of clothes that ulzzangs (Korean models) wear. Reliable service. Clothes always show up on time.

Etsy - Etsy has very fun accessories. You may want to be careful and check someones reviews before buying anything. After you decide whether or not you want to take that risk, you can search for literally ANYTHING you want, or request a custom order from a shop! I got a charm bracelet from Etsy the other day and its so cute. It hasn't been off my wrist since.

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