What Is Silk Screen(Ing)? Can Anybody Do It?
For My Gcse Project At School I Need To Do A Portrait Of Myself Using An Artist Of My Choice. I Have Chosen An Artist And It Says That I Will Need To Do &Quot;Silk Screening&Quot; I Have Never Heard Of This Before And I Am Unsure On How To Do It. Can Anybody Do Silk Screening Or Do I Need Any Specific Equipment? :/

Silk Screen printing also known as serigraphs is essentially a stenciling process. It is a relatively simple procedure only getting complicated when there are several colors involved and photo silk screening requires addition materials. A basic screen set up can be purchased at some art supply store.


Examples of silk screen portraits:


A Good Online T-Shirt Printing Service?
Who/Where Is A Good Place To Get T-Shirts Printed? I'M Making Designs And I Want To Print Them And Sell Them, And Most Places I'Ve Looked That Have An On Demand Print Service (Cafepress, Spreadshirt, Etc.) Charge A Lot To Get Them Printed, To The Point Where I'D Only Be Making A Dollar Or So For Every Shirt To Get Them Anywhere Near Affordable! Does Anyone Know Of A Cheaper Solution? No Bs Answers Please This Is A Business Related Question.

Try using cafepress or cafepress.com.they allow you to display the t shirts you create on their website and you can sell the shirts.This website takes a variety of t shirts(election,twilight,funny tshirts,baby clothes,mens,and womens clothes,they also print and make tote bags.)

I thnk that you can get shirts printed through snapfish.com too,but I'm not sure how much it would cost...