Any Info On Silk Screening?
I Want To Get Into Design But I'M Not Exactly Sure To Go The Best Way, Economically, About It. Would I Be Good To Start With A Kit Like This? ... Http://Www.Amazon.Com/Screen-Printing-Complete-Silkscreening-Package/Dp/B002zucnte/Ref=Cm_Cr_Pr_Product_Top Aside From That, How Does A Silk Screened Shirt Feel? Does The Ink Feel Like Vinyl Or Plastic To The Touch When Dry? Or Does It Feel More Or Less Engrained, Like A Part Of The Shirt? Lastly, How Would You Be Able To Print A Photograph On A Tee In A Way That Doesn'T Look Like An Iron On Decal? Like This: Http://Imageshack.Us/Photo/My-Images/368/Uqt1ej9.Jpg/Sr=1 Any Insight On How I Should Get Started, What'S Do-Able, What'S Not, Or Anything Else Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!

Silk screening (now usually called "screen printing") can be done with various kinds of equipment and supplies from simple to complex and expensive, and can be done with various colorants from those that will be very supple to those that will feel thicker and perhaps vinyl-y, etc.

You might want to check out the info an links in my previous answer about starting screen printing though:
and;... (all Image Reproduction baords at Craftster, including screen printing)
...and perhaps this one too for t-shirt transfer papers:

Your first link is to a kit with a hinged screen (I made my own), that uses photo emulsion and water-based ink. That's one combination of supplies and equipment, but there are others (both more and less expensive and/or difficult).
However, the t-shirt image in your 2nd link is probably created by using simple t-shirt transfer paper though, not with screen printing (see info on that in last link above).


Punk/Lolita Clothing Stores Online?
Does Anyone Know Of Any Punk Or Lolita Stores Online That You Have Previously Ordered From And Trust? It'D Be Better If You Know Of An American Based One Since Things Over Seas Take So Long To Arrive, But Any Suggestions Are Welcomed. Thank You! :)

eBay has a LOT of lolita, punk, and punk lolita clothes. And don't worry, eBay is actually very trustworthy. I've been using it to buy steam and cyberpunk clothes for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem that didn't get quickly resolved. Here's a store you might like:

It's a Chinese seller, but they ship pretty quick. I don't think it's ever taken more than 2 weeks for me to get my item from them. You should at least check it out.
You can also look for the brands "Visual Kei", "Punk Rave", and "Nana (punk)" on eBay.
Good luck ;)