Clothing Websites?
What Are Good Websites That Ship To The Us With British/Brit Punk Style Clothing?

have you tried places in the US?
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Or try going to Yahoo UK and look for punk clothes. Most places I've gone to in the UK ship to the US. However, their currency is much more powerful at the moment and you'll end up paying a lot more for something you could probably get here in the US.

Here is the link to UK look up:

People Dog Clothes Website?
Any Website That Sells Dog Theme Clothes For Humans. Besides The Animal Rescue Site.

this lady does all kinds of custom made things.. clothes for people, household items, gifts, etc.. she can embroider a design on just about anything.. tshirts, towels, etc.. she mostly has dog clothes listed on her site, but has lately been doing more embroidery work. you'd be surprised what you can find