Question About American Apparel Employee Benefits?
Soooo I Got Hired Relatively Recently And I Have A Couple Of Questions Regarding Their Employee Benefits.. Regarding The Employee Allowance: So They Give You $140 To Spend There, But With The Employee 50% Off Discount Is It Technically $280 To Spend There? Also, When You Use The Employee Allowance, Can You Just Come In Whenever To Use It? And How Will They Know That Youre An Employee There? (Being A Fresh Face There, Not A Lot Of People Are Familiar With Me Yet) Regarding The Employee Discount: Does The 50% Off Work At All American Apparels Or Just The One Youre Working At? Does It Work Online Too? Haha

NO. American Apparel is an AWFUL PLACE TO WORK.
Read this, I read it on tumblr:

I worked at American Apparel for two years. During the time that I worked there, the company implemented a company-wide recruitment policy where any person applying for a position must be photographed (1 headshot, 1 body shot) The actual resumes were thrown in the garbage. These photos were then sent to a company email address where someone would either give a thumbs up or down to the photographs. Staff were encouraged to recruit instore and on the street and were given a $100 bonus for every person they got approved.

Before this was implemented, all existing staff were photographed (again, 1 headshot and 1 body shot) Anyone deemed to be physically unworthy was let go from the company. Of course this wasn’t legal, however right before they started this process every employee had to sign a waiver form, that was pretty much a lot of legal gibberish, on the spot. I wanted to have a lawyer take a look at the form however I was told I had to sign it on the spot or I would be let go.

There was also a company intranet website which all employees where to check on a regular basis. This was Dov’s main line of communication to all staff. The site would have pictures of girls from the stores where he would rip them apart for having too thin eyebrows, for having “ugly make-up” or bad tattoos and piercings. They were basically publicly shamed for not looking the way he wanted to. He would also post memos saying things like “HIRE MORE ASIANS”

Most of the girls that I worked with were super young, I was the oldest in the store at 20. We even secretly employed one girl’s little sister who was only 13. A lot of the time when the guys from head office would come in they would take pictures of the girls in the store. Some of the girls wanted extra attention so they would pose pretty raunchy for them, mostly they just side boob and stuff but sometimes it got kind of weird. Also, every city with an American Apparel also has a company hotel room. Personally, I never went with them, but when the head office guys came to town they would take a few girls from the store with them for the night. I heard stories about tons of weird crap going on those nights and I know for a fact many of those girls were under 18.

I worked at AA for a year and I can verify all of this. I was a merchandiser that was let go for not being up to physical standards (but the official reason was time and attendance, when I was pulling 12 hour days 4 times a week). They had an “auditor” from corporate come into town to “audit.” She had an hour long meeting with us telling us that we needed to dress sexier and wear more heels and tights (but if we had a run in our tights we could be fired/written up). Since I was a merchandiser, there was no way I was going to be wearing heels on 12-foot ladders, lugging around mannequins all day. They told me to dye my hair and get rid of my piercings, I said no, they let go of me a few days before Christmas.

American Apparel Resume?
I'M Applying For American Apparel And They'Re Asking For A Resume And I Honestly Have No Idea What To Put On It For Experience. What Can I Put On It To Make It Look Interesting.I Haven'T Had Any Previous Jobs Or Anything. I'M 16 And I Just Want A Job To Have My Own Money And Buy Clothes. Lol I'Ve Heard They'Re Their Employees Get Hired Based On Looks. I Don'T Know If That'S True Or Not.

They do want, specifically at the interview, you wearing American Apparel look meaning their clothes. I would concentrate, based on reviews, on i.e. love of fashion and beauty,, state you provide guidance to friends on styles that are most becoming to their shape and coloring, tell them what fashion magazines you read, love helping others to find the perfect outfit or discover new accessories, etc. Below are interviews shared by people who applied at American Apparel.

Interview Details –They look for a friendly personality and knowledge about the company and where the brand is headed. You do have to dress the part, don't show up with 80's gear.They do typically take pictures of your face and outfit you are wearing. After the interview she had to take a picture of me so we went outside and she took two pictures, one of just my face and one of my whole body.Therefore looks, style and personality are important.

Sales Associate at American Apparel Accepted Offer – Interviewed in New York, NY Jul 2012– Interview Details –I went to an open call, the line was ridiculously long. When it was finally my turn, they sat me down and asked me a couple of questions. The questions were typical questions such as, why do you want to work here and what do you think of the brand's style, etc. It was fairly easy questions and the interview was short since there were a lot of people to go through. The next day they contacted me for a second interview, and it was then that I got hired.
Interview Questions
• What do you think of the American Apparel style? ,• Why do you want to work in American Apparel? ,• What is your availability?

Sales Associate at American Apparel Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Philadelphia, PA Aug 2012– Interview Details –Found out they were hiring from a craigslist ad and went to apply since i love the clothes so much.Went to the open call dressed in all AA. The manager made note of that. Two days later i was called for a follow-up. I met the district manager, she told me more about the position and dress code.
Two days following that i was offered the job.
Interview Questions- • What my availability is? • How many years in retail experience do i have?
• So tell me about yourself?What is your favorite item from American Apparel?

Sales Associate at American Apparel Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Los Angeles,
Interview Details –I went to the open call around 15 minutes after it begin and there were already 20 or so people there. The girls working there started calling people in in groups of 2 or 3, I was called in with 1 other girl. The girl interviewing us said that it would be a basic interview and if they were interested they would call and ask you to come in for a more in depth interview. She begin asking the questions which were as follows: what's your availability? What do you like american apparel/why do you want to work here? Do you want to work part time or full time? Are you open to seasonal work? What stores are you open to working at? Overall I would say it was pretty easy. Unlike what I've read online, they did not take pictures of our faces or of our outfits, so although I think it's important to present yourself with your sense of style showing through and preferably in their clothes.
Interview Questions
• What's your availability? • Why do you want to work here/What do you like about American Apparel? • Do you want to work part time or full time? • What stores are you open to working at? • Are you open to seasonal work?