What Does Traditional Jewish Clothing For Women Look Like?
I Know That Israel Is Very Modern And They Do Not Wear Traditional Clothing Anymore. Hence The &Quot;Traditional&Quot; Part. I Already Posted This, But Please Help.

There is not "traditional" clothing for a Jewish woman. They will wear a longer skirts (past their knees) and shirts with sleeves that go at least to the elbows if not to the wrist. Married women will cover their hair with different types of scarves or wigs (my mother wears a tiechel usually).
Many prefer light shirts and dark skirts (my mother usuallly wears black or dark skirts) and plain light colored fabric that does not draw attention.

Maternity Clothing For Tall Women?
Fyi, This Question Is Not For Me, But I Would Greatly Appreciate Your Help. I Have A Close Friend Who Is Pregnant, But She Always Has Great Difficulities Finding Maternity Clothes To Fit Her Because Of Her Height (She Is About 5'11&Quot; Or A Little Shorter) And Body Shape (Long-Legged, A Bit Hippy). Currently She Buys &Quot;Maternity Pants&Quot; At Men'S Clothing Stores Because They Are Long Enough. Please Can You Help Her Want To Wear Clothes? Thanks.

Your friend does not have to wear maternity clothes. I don't and I am 36 weeks pregnant. I personally think they are very expensive and don't have a lot of styles for what I like.

Usually I just buy extra big clothes and wear the pants below my belly, so it's still comfortable. I also wear my husbands clothes too.

Have her find stuff that she is comfortable in, and do that, why wear maternity clothes when you only wear them for a short time. Especially since your body is constently changing while you are pregnant you could end up buying way too many clothes because they will end up not fitting later on.