Where Can I Buy Nismo Clothing For Women?
Where Can I Buy Nismo Clothing For Women?

Try Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?i...

Clothing For College Women?
I Am 21, About To Turn 22. I'M Getting Tired Of Clothing Like Charlotte Russe. I Look Way Younger Than I Am, I Am Always Mistaken For Being 17. Where Can I Buy Sexy, (Not Trashy) And Modern Clothing? Night Club Type Clothing And Feminine Clothing. Online Or In Stores. ≪3

As a fellow 21-year-old-who-looks-17, it isn't the //type// of clothing you buy but how good it looks on you. You need to be following your body type and not what "college" students wear - because othewise, you may just look like a 17 year old in college clothes.

Find an outfit that flatters your body type and covers up the more childish attributes - that way they know you're a woman and not a child.

Also, go for in store buys - the things you buy on the internet might to fit the measurements they said they did and they might not look as good on you as you thought.

I'm a short person with no shoulders, so I try to wear clothes that minimizes how short my waist looks and makes me look a bit broader - a lot of my outfits are dresses that should honestly belong on those dolls that little girls have but I always get lots of compliments with them because they suit my figure.

Hope this helps!