What Is Apparel Marketing?
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Apparel Marketing programs combine study in the social sciences, business, economics, humanities, and general sciences, all in relation to apparel and textile products. Students examine subjects such as production, management, consumer behavior, and end use performance. This gives them a general foundation on which to build more specialized knowledge. They also take courses from other disciplines in order to round out their education, including study in statistics, computer science, psychology, chemistry, business, sociology, and economics.

Students that graduate from these programs have the option of working in either the wholesale or retail sectors of the industry. They can choose from a whole range of careers, including buyer, purchasing agent, designer apparel selector, fashion coordinator, magazine designer, merchandise display artist, retail store manager, and small business owner. A degree in this area opens up the door for careers in brand management, quality assurance, product development, and fashion merchandising.

In order for a business to successfully sell its products, it must have some means of connecting them with potential customers. Marketing professionals are engaged in finding new ways to attract consumers to the goods and services their companies produce. Marketing for apparel and accessories professionals, for instance, create advertisements or organize promotions that target whatever groups might be interested in the brands or styles a company sells.

In order to be successful, these professionals must understand which techniques work well with this audience, and which ones do not. Marketing employees often conduct surveys or interviews and organize test groups to learn what trends are fashionable, what advertising techniques consumers identify with most closely and what changes could be made to a particular product to make it more successful.

Why Do Juicy Couture Only Make Clothes For Skinny Women?

Its cheaper to make clothes for small women, its less material. If I was to make a shirt for a small girl and for a xxl girl Im gonna use a hell of a lot more material for the big girl than the small one and I would still have to sell it for the same price. I think they are councious of that. I am Thats why when I make my clothes its only for small people. i know you can special order though. Give them a call!