Any Shopping Websites That Sell Korean Clothing For Women?
I'M Not Looking For The Traditional Korean Clothing. I'M Looking For Clothes That Korean Teenage Girls Wear Now.

I think I saw Korean women (and possibly men) shop for clothes on this site in my school computer lab

Anyway.... if you want to use a Korean search engine is it so it should direct you to a real Korean website from South Korea where South Koreans buy South Korean and American clothes

P.S. Korean people like to wear brand name American clothes, so if you just shop in America you will buy the clothes that Korean people want to get from American people who go to Korea.

It is true American people can make money buy bringing brand name clothes like Tommy Hilfiger to S. Korea and selling them their at inflated prices

In other words you can get the clothes snooty (by which I mean vein people who think they are better than "poor" "lower class" type people) Korean people like to wear in America for cheaper.

Why Do Men Were Womans Clothing?

Some men (straight and gay) like to wear women's clothing for a number of reasons.

If you ask a straight guy who happens to like girl's clothes, the typical answer is that they are so hopelessly into women and women's things that they want to wear them. They will talk about the 'feel' of a nice pair of stockings under their normal guy clothes for example. It makes them feel closer (more intimately connected) to women.

If you ask a gay guy who likes to wear women's clothes, you may get a number of different answers. A common reason is 'just for fun.' It's shocking and gets attention, and so its not really about 'sex' at all.

Another reason may be that certain guys (who could be gay or straight) feel that they identify more strongly as 'female' than male. The clothes help them express on the outside what they really feel inside. This is difficult for someone else who doesn't feel that way to understand, but it does happen in some people.

There are potentially many more different reasons for this behavior, but my experience suggests that these are the main reasons.