How Do You Pick Clothes For Women?
What Kind Of Measurements Do You Need? I'M Trying To Pick Out Clothes That Fits My Girlfriend For When She Comes To The States In The Winter From Australia So She Needs Sweaters, Jackets, Pants, The Works. I'M Trying To Find Old Clothes From My Sister'S Wardrobe, But Don'T Know Where To Start. Her Body Type Is Really Weird Because She Is A Bit Short, Very Skinny, But With Large Breasts So I Don'T Know Where To Start. Any Help Would Be Appreciated, Thanks!

Ask you girlfriend her current sizes then google a measuring chart that converts the measurements into American standard sizing. The most general sizes are S,M,L,XL. Then take the measurements to the store and have a clerk point you in the right direction for the fall fashions. A stylish way for women to stay warm is layers. Look at the posters or manikins around the department for ideas. If you don't know a lot about women's clothing then don't buy something just because YOU like it. To avoid having to make a lot of returns in the future get a few basic pieces such as long sleeve shirts, maybe two dress-casual sweaters and a warm jacket then take her shopping after she arrives. Scarves are also a good accessories that help keep you warm. Hope that helps.

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