Age Appropriate Clothing For Women?
Some People Are Conservative And Think Women Older Than 30 Shouldn'T Wear Tight Sexy Clothing Or Trendy Clothing Anymore. If An Older Woman Is In Really Good Shape And Still Has The Body Of A 20 Something Such As Madonna, Why Shouldn'T She Be Able To Wear This Kind Of Clothing? I Admire Madonna For Standing Up To Society. I Feel Women Should Be Able To Wear Sexy Clothing At Any Age.

If you have a young looking body than I don't think there is a problem wearing that kind of clothing.

I agree with you women SHOULD be able to wear sexy clothing at ANY age =)

Clothes For Women (Men Please)?
I'M Not Going To Put Myself Down, I Know I'M Attractive. I Heard That Confidence Is The Key However, And Realised, I Don'T Have It. I Hate Wearing Short Skirts And Stilettos, As I Feel Too Bold. I Want To Know What You Find Sexy On Women, Or Pretty Or Even Respectable. As I Feel That Sometimes I Dress Like A Bit Of A Man, Thanks! Btw, I Am 5 Ft 6Inches, An Hourglass, With A Big Bust. Please Be Truthful, I Don'T Want To Look Like A Slut, I Want To Look Nice.

You should really be asking women. Guys don't know what womens clothes are called, but I will give it a stab.

Just wear clothes that you see other respectable attractive women wearing. Ask them where they got the jeans, or shirt or whatever. That's what every other woman seems to do. Men usually like clothes that accentuate your figure, not conceal it. You don't have to (nor should you) go overboard with it, just keep in mind whether whatever you are wearing hides you or displays you.

Remember also that guys don't scrutinize your clothes or makeup or hair like women will (unless you really go wild or really look like a mess).