Clothing Tips For Curvy Women?
I'Ve Watched Alot Of Wntw, And Because Of That I Know That Not All Clothes Fits All Women. Can You Help Me By Giving Me Tips On What A Curvy Woman Should And Shouldn'T Wear. (E.G. Materials, Cuts, Styles) Thanks Anything Helps.

curvy women should wear solid colors &
if you do a print you are supposed to go by your size-the smaller you are-the smaller the print..same thing with larger women *(stacey london-TLC's what not to wear)

Empire waist tops & dresses work so well for curvier women..allowing a nice shape and room for a curvier tummy.

Wrap dresses work wonders for a curvier shape.. giving you a great shape but camoflauging anything you want to.

A wide leg jean is what works best for curvier body types..jeans away from the body will make you look longer- rather than wider. Also.. dark wash in denim gives a more slimming appearance.

Here are some examples:

*anything that is loose in the midsection and gathers back again at the bottom is GREAT for curvy women

*being curvier you NEED structure. flimsy cotton tops & dresses wont work for you.. you need some structure that will give you a SHAPE!

=) hope i helped you out!

*not knowing how cury you are.. there are some great plus size stores.

Doll Clothes For Woman?
I Want To Know Where To Go On Internets Besides Ebay≪ No Ebays ) To Find Ruffly Kinderwhore Or Gothic Lolita Clothes. Very Cosplay Or Anime, Sexy Fetishy? Very Human Adutt Doll Sizing Ruffly Lace, And With Even A Gothic Undercurrent Happening? Preferably Cheap, Ok?

Try these sites:;_ylc=X3oDMTE3dHJ2b212BF9TAzc4NDcxNzg1NARrA2xvbGl0YSBjbG90aGVzBHNlYwN0aXRsZQ--?p=lolita+clothes