Modest Clothing For Women?
I'M Somewhat Confused About Certain Christians' Definition Of &Quot;Modest Clothing.&Quot; I Can Usually Be Found In Jeans And A Non-Lowcut Shirt, Even Though I Make No Effort To Dress Modestly, Yet I See Women Who Are Always Going On About Dressing Modestly Running Around In Floor Length Skirts That You Can See Through, Dresses With Low Cut Busts, Sleeveless Dresses, Short Skirts/Skorts, And Sometimes Skin Tight Dresses And Skirt Sets. They Claim That They Are Doing What The Bible Says, Though, By Wearing Their Dresses And Skirts And Dressing Feminine And &Quot;Modest&Quot; And That Wearing Jeans And The Like Is Immodest. I Feel I Am Far More Covered Up Than The People Who Tell Me How Wrong And Immodest I Am. If You'Re Going To Instill Modesty, Shouldn'T It Go A Bit Farther Than Making Sure You'Re Wearing A Skirt Or A Dress?

Let me put it this way............ you have seen the typical catholic school uniform? The boys are well covered up, but the girls are in skirts and shirts that usually don't button up to the neck, only just above the bosom. The catholic school uniform for a girl is very, very sexy. There is a reason for that. Any religion based on the bible is male dominated. And anything that is male dominated will put women in submissive and sexual roles. We are to serve and service men. The dresses and skirts are considered modest because they are attractive to men. Jeans can be attractive too, but just a plain pair that are not even tight, with baggy shirts will not turn men on as much. so of course they will complain that you are not dressing "modestly". Also, in pants you are more able to do things that men can do, which makes you in competition for power.

Again.............. submission and sexuality is the key.

Clothes For Pregnant Women?
I Need To Start Buying Clothes For Myself But I Don'T Know How To Go About It... Do I Need To Buy Different Size At The Beginning Of The Pregnancy And Then Bigger As Baby Growing? The Main Concern Is The Bottoms, Including Underwear. Is There Any Stores You Can Advise? Thanks A Lot!

Hi there,

Unless you gain a crazy amount of weight you will only need one size of maternity clothing, typically whatever size you are in regular you would be in maternity (accept jeans or clothing that runs small). Start with a bella band (do not buy the knock off at is truly not as good as the original). You can order this at and get free shipping. This extends the use of your none maternity clothing as well as holds clothing up that drops (typical of Old navy and motherhood items).

Good luck!