Do Sexy Clothes Land Women In Trouble?

only when they deal with moronic sexist people who objectify women's bodies and think cause they see it they can touch it/own it. When certain people finally understand that the only person who owns a woman's body is the woman herself - then assault on women and the pathetic excuse that "She was asking for it" because of what she was wearing will die. Incidentally in any civilized country if a woman says no it means no and it doesn't matter if she's just wearing a sequined thong and dancing through a club- NO ONE has the right to touch her. Except for the police when they arrest her for indecent exposure - but they are still not allowed to touch her inappropriately. Women's bodies are beautiful we should be able to celebrate their beauty in clothing without idiots attacking a girl just because her outfit is a little skimpy. Women have the right to express their pride in their beauty.
So, no sexy clothes don't land women in trouble! Sexist , objectifying criminals land women in trouble when they touch them without their permission.

Do Sexy Clothes Land Women In Trouble? And Why? What Would You Say.Give Your Reason?

Sexy clothes land women in trouble only because we live in a culture that not only accepts but condones rape. Saying that some girls are asking for it or that deserve it is totally ignorant. I long for the day that a woman is allowed to wear what she wants without fear of ridicule or assault, just because she wants to.
This includes everything from burkas to miniskirts and skimpy tops.