What Part Of A (Clothed) Woman'S Body Is The Most Stimulating (In Terms Of Raising Excitement Levels)?


I'd say it depends on the clothes, the fabric of them and the fit, and where they are.

For instance, I grew up more than a bit of a gym rat in the late 1980s, in my 20s....so I was exposed to a bit of the "women in tights" look. And that was itself a natural extension, for me, of the fact that one of my kid sisters was a wannabe Valley Girl, and also liked the tights-look, back when I was a teenager....

So for me....few *ordinary* kinds of clothing are sexier to me than seeing tight, perhaps shiny nylon or lycra on a woman's legs, maybe her feet or buttocks too....if she fits in the leotard, I kinda think it would be attractive on arms too....the shiny part smoothing things out, making more of a longer line on the limb....not to mention *smoothing things out*. *lol* ^_^ But I'm repeating myself here, sorry.

And there are other, little swoony things I like too....some more mainstream than others. But rather than bore folks (who might think I am already *drooling here* or something), I'll just say this much...

There is something to be said, in my humble opinion, about clothes that look like they *wear the woman*, in the sense of imposing a control on how she moves. High heels are one clear and obvious example, in the sense of making legs seem longer, straighter, and of altering the way a woman walks.

But in general....look at some classic "blonde bombshell" movies from the 1940s and 1950s. Look at the way women *moved* in those films, courtesy of the outfits they wore, at least in part. You don't really see that so much anymore, it's a rarity bordering on a lost art. And I get it that it's a pain to deal with old-school fashions that are *that* restrictive and objectifying, and so on...

But at the same time....I also find it fascinating when the way someone *moves* and walks and talks is changed *so much* by the things she did to change her appearance.

Still, that is enough out of me....you can hate on me now. ^_^

*lol* Thanks for your time!

Advice On Clothes For Women Who Just Had A Baby? 5* For Best Ans?
I Got This Tech Hw And I Need To Know What The Need, Purpose Etc Is For Designing A Garment For A Women With A Baby. Give Me Advice On What Material I Should Use, Why Etc.

Maternity clothing was made for women who are pregnant, or expecting a baby.
Usually, the stretchy material is polysester, used in case teh women gain weight or 'expand'.
The Clthing is more often in neutral or dark colors such as shades of grey, purple, dark reds, black, brown, beige, etc.
Dark colors are more slimming, and this is what women who had children/expecting want.
Make it pretty, because women like to feel beautiful.
Everyone does, especially when their stomache is holding a baby.
Check this out:

Your Welcome <3