Why Are Dresses The Traditional Clothing For Women?
How Did Dresses Become The Traditional Clothing For Women? I'M Not Looking For Answers Like &Quot;They Are Feminine&Quot; Or &Quot;Cause That'S What Women Wear&Quot; And Such, I Want To Know How It Got Started In The First Place. Dresses (The Old Tradition Kind) Take More Material To Make, Are Impractical When Trying To Do Many Chores, Get Caught In Things, You Can'T Run In Them, You Can'T Ride A Horse In One, Get Dirtier Easily, Etc. Like, What Are The Reasons Pants Became Considered A Mans Clothing?

Women's dresses were on purpose because of female parts! There weren't fem napkins and tampons back in the day. Not long ago, women tore up old sheets for their monthly visitor. Can you imagine that in pants? Not too comfy. Dresses were easy access, and easy delivery; some were fancy, but most were practical for chores... women's chores.

10 Questions About Clothing For Young Women?
1. What Type Of Clothing Style Are You Interested In? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 2. What Is The Type Of Clothing Do You Buy Most Often? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. Would You Shop At A Store Where They Have A Cafã© As Well? Why? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 4.How Often Do You Shop? A. Once A Year B. Once A Month C. Twice A Month D. More Than Twice A Month 5. How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Complete Outfit? (Shirt, Pants Etc.) A. $20-50 B. $51-100 C. $101-180 D. $181 Or More 6. What Are Your Expectations For Customer Service? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 7.When Shopping Would You Rather… A. Get Someone To Help You Individually B. Shop Alone And Just Wanders C. Have People There Just In Case You Need Help 8. How Much Money Do You Spend On A Shopping Day? A. $30-60 B. $61-120 C. $121-200 D. More Than $200 9. What Do You Think Of The Name €Œprodigal.€ For A Boutique? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 10. What Is Your Style More Like? A. Prep B. Emo C. Rocker D. Cultural E. Other (Please Name) _________________

1. What type of clothing style are you interested in?
any kind... has to be in style though:)

2. What is the type of clothing do you buy most often?
american eagle, charlotte russe, volcom, famous, etc.

3. Would you shop at a store where they have a café as well? Why?

4.How often do you shop?
A. once a year

5. How much are you willing to pay for a complete outfit? (Shirt, pants etc.)
D. $181 or more but my mom wont let me:(

6. What are your expectations for customer service?
kind people. not like those people who work at abercrombie who totally ignore you when you ask for help. people who come up to you asking if you need any help.... even thought it gets annoying sometime:)

7.When shopping would you ratherâ€l
C. have people there just in case you need help

8. How much money do you spend on a shopping day?
A. $30-60 actually less:(

9. What do you think of the name “prodigal.” for a boutique?
thats a unique name:)

10. What is your style more like?