Southern Clothing For Women In The 1930S?
Im Doing A Report In My English Class For &Quot;To Kill A Mockingbird&Quot; And Need To Get Some Information On Womens Roles/ Clothing/ Manners In The South In The 30S, I'M Looking For Bits Like How They Used Talcum Powder And Styles Of Hats- What Was Considered &Quot;Ok&Quot; To Say At Social Gatherings. Ive Searched Alot Of Search Engines And Came Up With Close To Nothing So Please Do Not Send Me Links To Google Or Yahoo After Youve Typed In A Search....I Would Like Any Information Or Specific Websites That You Could Help Me Out With...Thanks!!!!

Women wore dresses. Probably about 4 inches below the knee. Mostly drab colors, gray, brown, dark blue. Small hats called pillboxes. Sometimes with a flower. usually with a small veil. Talcum powder was used to make their skin look pale. The whiter the skin,meant you had a life of leisure. Women usually talked only among themselves and kept their eyes lowered when speaking to men. Craziness. WWII changed it all. But your best bet is to go to your library or video store and rent the movie. Also my mum said while she was growing up(b. 1929) women had to wear corsets or girdles. Conversation around women was mostly about family, cleaning, or baking.

50'S Style Clothing For Women?
Where Can I Find 50'S Style Clothing For Women? And Yes I Want It To Be New Clothes. Lol. Im Looking For A Store Not A Website. Thank You :]

I know of plenty of websites that specialize in new "vintage" look clothing, but I've never seen a store that sold stuff like that. I've found the occasional piece like that at Charlotte Russe, Vanity, and Forever 21. You might see if any stores near you specialize in rockabilly style clothes. You could always try Hot Topic, too. I got a really cute black/red polka dot dress that is completely Marilyn Monroe style from their clearance rack. Anthropologie even has some vintage inspired dresses/skirts sometimes.

BTW, this site is great, if you want to give in and try a website!