What Clothes Impress Women?
I'M Such A Nerd With Clothes, What Clothes Impress Women? Also Which Colors?

since when did women become robots?
the following can effect women's choice
1. community/race
2. age
3. her style
4. season

Don't buy $2 clothes off walmart, clothes that don't fit (too small or large) or have something vulgar printed on it.

choose color according to season, most the times it doesn't even matter. Bold colors with dim colors. if color is hard for you go colors that are quite similar. Yellow with yellowish brown. Red and redish purple, and so forth. there is no guide on wearing good or stylist would go broke. Keep trying and soon or later your fashion sense will grow.
often clothes don't impress women as much as you think. the person is usually the factor, clothes is an extra thing.

What Clothes Attract Women?
What Types Of Clothes Should I Wear To Attract Women? Im 19 And I Never Had A Girlfriend And People Say That One Of The Ways To Attract Girls Is To Dress Sharp. Im A College Student. Please Help Me. What Types Of Brands Should I Wear? What Stores Should I Go To? Im Really Desperate. Please Help Me.

Every woman is different when it comes to how she likes a guy to dress. I know some women like khaki pants and collared shirts, but to me, you can't get much more boring and unattractive than that. However, I think you should focus more on getting clothes that suit you and fit you well. Also, do something with your hair and have good hygiene. A lot of women wear makeup, style their hair, wear nice clothes, but a lot guys have the same hairstyle they had in elementary school, wear old t-shirts, and basically don't bother with their appearance, which isn't attractive. Just buy clothes you like that fit right, get a hairstylist to help you figure out something cool to do with your hair (I'd suggest a female hairstylist), exercise regularly, and work on your confidence, too! =)