What Are Some Tips For Silk Screen Printing?
I Have A New Silk Screen Business. I'M Having Trouble With The &Quot;Washout Of Emulsion&Quot; After Exposing The Screen.... It'S Seems That This Part Of The Printing Takes A Lot Of Practice........ In The Mean Time, I Need To Start Making Shirts... What Are Some Things I Can Do To Help Me In This Process? In The End, The Screen Is No Good, The Image Is Ruined....... Am I Washing It Out Too Long?

The folks at screenprinters.net will answer your questions and be really helpful and nice too. Post in the newbie section!

Where Can I Find A Good Silk Screen Printing Company For My Designed T-Shirts?
I Already Have My Designs Finished In Photoshop. I Need A Good Company That Will Print Them Onto Actual Tshirts. Please Help Me Out. Thanks

Providing your location for a question such as this could be helpful. Your process is multi fold: as you have a design, that part is out of the way. How many colors? You can find good blanks from American Apparel or from my favorite, Alternative Apparel, both are based here in the US and will add value to your shirt regardless of where you sell it, it's still Made in USA. The people at Alternative can give you directions as to where to go get your shirts printed because they are probably selling them blanks already. Good luck with your venture, it sounds like a business plan may be in order for you. Do a few inline searches and try to establish what your obstacles will be. Having shirts made may not be nearly as difficult as selling them.. good luck!!!