I Need Help Starting A Simple T-Shirt Company...?
This Is An Example Of How Simple And Easy I Want The Company/Site To Be (With My Own Slogan, Of Course)... Http://Oldsoulpro.Bigcartel.Com/ How Did This Person Start His/Her Business You Think? I Want To Put Together A Line Of Shirts Just Like This, But Don'T Even Know Where To Start.

You can use given below steps to start a t-shirt company.

1 .Check licensing requirements in your state and locality. You will likely be required to purchase a general business license. You will have to pay a fee, which will vary based on where you start your t-shirt business.
2. Get a state tax ID number from your state's tax or revenue department. This is necessary for paying the sales tax you collect to the right authority. Also, many companies will not offer wholesale pricing to businesses or individuals who lack tax ID numbers.
3. Find a source from which to purchase wholesale t-shirts. Alternatively, you can often find cheap t-shirts at retail prices at stores like Walgreens and Costco.

Design and Sell T-Shirts
4. Design some humorous t-shirts. Styles with snarky or joking comments are usually popular. You can also come up with some unique slogans to splash across your t-shirts.
5. Use your photography skills. If you can take attractive pictures, you’ll have a ready source of t-shirt artwork. Photographs of animals, flowers and outdoor scenes are good choices.
6. Purchase photography and artwork online. You can find artwork for sale on websites like FotoSearch.com and Clipartguide.com.
7. Purchase iron-on transfers from an office-supply or craft stores. You can use these to transfer your artwork from your computer to your t-shirt with nothing more than a printer, a regular household iron and an ironing board.
8. Seek out the help of a screen-printing business to create your t-shirts. This is generally a more expensive option than creating t-shirts with iron-on transfers. However, the t-shirts may look more professional.
9. Take a screen-printing class at a local college and learn how to put your designs on t-shirts yourself. This could help you save some money in the long run, but you will still have the initial investment of screen-printing supplies and equipment.
10. Start out small by making or ordering about 20 t-shirts per design. You don’t want to get stuck with hundreds of t-shirts if a design fails to sell. It's a good idea to order or begin making more t-shirts once you’ve sold about half of your stock.
11. Sell your t-shirts by creating your own website or through auction sites like eBay. You can also find customers at flea markets and fairs. You may even be able to sell them locally by going door to door with samples of your t-shirts.

Silk Screening?
Im Starting My Own Online Store For Shirts/Totes And Jewlery Called &Quot;Paint Me Pretty&Quot; I Have The Totes And Jewlery Under Control But I Need Help With The Shirts I Have My Own Designs But I Need To Have Them Printed Out On The Teeshirts Someone Has Mentioned Silk Screening? Please Explain This. And A Site That Could Possibly Print Out My Own Designs. Im Not Printing Massive Amount. Thank You

It all depends on the type of printing you are looking for as to you who chose to do business with. To gage the type of printer you need would first depend on your art work. If you only have a rough idea as to what you want then you need someone with a graphic artist or if you know what you want and have the art complete, with all color separations and traps completed then you need someone that can print the amount of colors you need. If you are looking to get four color process t-shirts then you will have to be picky about who you use as this type of screen printing requires more knowledge. The best place for you to learn is take take a trip to a local shop and have them explain the processes of screen printing that they can do. Most shops will know of someone that will be able to fulfill any needs that they can not preform in-house.

Good luck