Silk Screening-- The Process. Please Explain To Me?
If I Want To Sell My Tshirts Do I Need To Do Anything Like With The Law? -- And If I Make A Site And Sell Off Of There Do I Need To Do Anything With The Law?

Silk screening is basically a stenciling process Using a screen to evenly apply the ink or paint. Using photo techniques and materials it has gotten more elaborate over time. I use to teach art to elementary kids and they would design and cut their own stencils out of card board and using heat set textile inks would print their own t-shirts setting the ink ,once dry. Using an ordinary iron used to iron clothing. Usually we would only use one color,occasionally two.This was silk screening at it most basic form. Your being in fashion might consider printing fabrics to be used to fashion clothing. The photo techniques: Your photo ready "copy" or design would be photographed on to sheet film enlarged or reduced to meet your requirements. Producing a negative Then the negative is used to make a positive on sheet film which is then used to make a negative on the silk screen that has been treated with an emulsion. The image can be cleaned off when you are through with it and the screen can be used again for another design This is the stencil. The reason that the image on the screen is a negative is that the negatve prevents the ink from going where it isn't wanted. The same thing that a negative would do when making a photographic print on photo paper in the darkroom. Not exposing areas of the paper to light where there is no image.. It takes seeing the process done to really get an understanding. A side note. Doing your "copy " or art work as close to the size that you will need using here the term 100%, will save you some money because you maybe charged for enlarging and/or reducing the image's size. One screen will be required for each color. The application/printing of color goes from light colors to dark colors. and registration of each color is very important. Here are links that will describe the process in greater detail that I can here. .Also Google, silk screening on fabric, photo silk screening,silk screen inks, suppliers,techniques,equipment.

Anyone Know Of A Legit Brand Name Clothing Wholesaler Online?
Im Looking To Start A Small Bussiness But I Need To Find The A Wholesaler Of Brand Name Clothing Such And Rock & Republic Jeans, Hugo Boss, True Religion, Ect. How Ever I Dont Want To Get Scammed With All Of The Fake Wholesalers Out There. Does Anyone Know Of A Legit One That They Are 100% Positive Will Work? I Also Dont Want The Many Links To Www.Salehoo.Com I Find That Alot Here.

Here is the truth about finding wholesalers. Build relationships by visiting trade shows.

Don't fall for wholesale drop ship lists and companies like salehoo
and wholesale forum uk.

Read this article

Then read this one:

Watch a movie

Read this:

Here is the truth

The ASD / AMD Show in Las Vegas held at the Sands Expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Mirage was held March 2-5, 2008. This show is a must for anyone looking to meet wholesale suppliers in person and to find wholesale products for resale.

Many of the closeout wholesale suppliers exhibiting at the show are liquidating overstock at pennies on the dollar. If you are a new reseller, it is important to understand the difference between wholesale and closeout merchandise. Closeout merchandise is often irregular with clipped tags or defects and might consist of store returns, overstock, excess inventory, surplus or even salvage. Closeouts are often sold in mixed lots or offered as a take all deal which means you have to accept unequal size scales and color choices, defects and final sales agreements with no returns. The trade off is you are able to buy cheap and resell for big profits if you buy right. Remember, closeouts are never offered as an ongoing supply. Closeouts are offered first come first serve basis and only available while the supplies last.

There is a lot of haggling going on that the ASD shows. Buyers fly in from around the world to make offers on closeout deals they can resell through off price distribution centers. Many large buyers from large off price retail chains are seen placing huge orders. The larger exhibitors set up Salons but you have to have an appointment to meet with one of their reps. If you didn't make an appointment in advance, no need to worry, there are hundreds of small exhibitors in the back stalls who have stuff they are liquidating for cheap. Thousands of people meet at the ASD show to network and wheel and deal.