I Want To Start A T-Shirt Business In Toronto, Does Anyone Know Any Places That Silk Screen Small Runs?
I Am A Graphic Designer And I Want To Sell My Own Designs.

It may not be what you are looking for, but if you haven't already checked them out, try www.cafepress.com.

They will print your designs "on demand" if you set up a shop with them. They have a free level and one that is $7 per month. You just make the designs, set up a shop and when you make a sale they print, ship and collect the $ and you earn a commission.

Silk Screening Is An Expensive Process. Is There Any Way I Can Get A Detailed Image Printed On A Shirt Cheap?
I Have An Image I Want Printed On A Shirt, But The Startup Costs For Silk Screening Are Very Expensive. If I Were Printing In Bulk It Would Be A Different Story, But I Just Want A Shirt Made For Myself Without Having To Pay A Few Hundred Bucks For It. Is There Any Way I Can Get A Detailed Image Printed On A Shirt For Cheap? I Have Already Asked This Question And Recieved The Following Answers: Http://Www.Spreadshirt.Com Http://Www.Cafepress.Com But Both Of These Sites Only Allow A Limited Size For The Image. I Want To Be Able To Print A Large Version Of The Picture On The Shirt. Thank You.


This is just one the first digital textile printers I came across.
Digital textile presses are fairly new technology but they have been around long enough to think about getting one offs done that way. Remember you don't have to pay for screens but the more work they have to do on your art the more it costs. So find out what files they deal with and how the files need to be saved. If you can furnish a file close to what the use that will save you a chunk.

Good Luck