Pizza King (Indiana) - Looking For T-Shirts?
Ok, So One Of My Favorite Places Growing Up Was The Pizza King Franchise In Indiana (Pizzakingindiana.Com). We Were There This Weekend Visiting Family, And We Saw That They Had Polo Shirts For Sale. We Asked If They Also Had T-Shirts, But They Said That They Only Had Polo Shirts. Does Anyone Know If They Sell Pizza King T-Shirts Anywhere (Go To The Website Above For What The Logos Look Like In Case You Don'T Know)? 10 Points To Who Ever Can Point Me In The Direction Where I Could Order Some (Would Make Great Gifts For The Family). Thanks!

print out the logo, take it to a screen printers place, maybe they will make some for you.

What Nylon/Silk Material Do You Use For Screen-Printing?
I Remember The Process Of Screen-Printing From High School, But I Am Confused As To What Material I Need For The &Quot;Silk Screen&Quot;. I Went To An Arts & Crafts Store Earlier And No One Knew What I Was Talking About. So To Sum Up My Question, What Material Do I Need To Look For To Put In The Embroidery Hoop? Can It Be Any Permeable Fabric?

Typically something like: or

In a pinch, I've printed with sheer curtain fabric -- I think it was ninon.