Need Guide And Opinion On Taking Care Of Cashmere Garments?
Hello, I Need Some Guide And Opinion To Taking Care Of My Cashmere Sweaters Because I Will Like To Keep Them For A Long Time. First Of All I Read Some Review That Woolite Is The Best Detergent To Clean Cashmere. Will It Be &Quot;Woolite Delicate&Quot; Or &Quot;Woolite Everyday&Quot; Will Be The Best? Second, I Have Read Some Review On Some Blogs Or Articles About Brushes To Remove Pills And I Need Some Opinion On Which I Kind Of Brush I Should Purchase. I Have Read That A &Quot;Boar-Bristle Brush&Quot; Or A &Quot;The Laundress Cashmere Brush&Quot; Or A &Quot;Velvet Cloth Brush&Quot; Could Do The Trick. I Do Not Know Which Is The Best Option Because Of The Price Differences. The Laundress Is Around 60, The Boar-Bristle And Velvet Brush Can Go Between 10-25 Dollars, So I Am Stuck On Which One I Should Get Or Better Yet If Someone Have A Better Choice Than The Ones I Found. Last Question, Maybe It Is A Dumb Question. If I Brush The Sweater Every Time I Wear It Will The Sweater Begin To Develop Holes Or Gaps Between The Area I Brush Regularly Like Elbow Or Back? Also Is Picking On Pilling A Bad Habit?

How should I care for my cashmere?

Always read and follow the garment’s own cashmere care label when washing your cashmere knitwear or homewares. Cashmere can normally be hand washed, or sometimes even gently machine-washed, but if in doubt should be dry cleaned. However you wash your cashmere garment, we suggest turning it inside-out before washing for extra protection.

We generally recommend regular hand washing by immersing your garment in a solution of warm water and a gentle wool wash product. We supply a range of specialist cashmere care products, designed to help you maintain, store, and transport your garments in pristine condition.

When washing by hand, do not rub but instead squeeze the suds gently through the fabric. Never wring or stretch the fabric in any way. Finally, rinse several times in clean lukewarm water until the water runs clear with no trace of detergent.

Some cashmere can also be washed using the handwash, delicates or woollens cycle on your washing machine. When washing your cashmere in a machine ensure you use a specialist cashmere or delicates washing liquid. Never wash it at more than 40 degrees, and ideally less, and we suggest avoiding biological detergents. Check the garment’s care label first to ensure that it is suitable for machine washing.

Do not leave your cashmere wet; dry it as soon as soon as possible or odours may develop. Squeeze out any excess water before lifting a wet cashmere garment (or perhaps use a slow spin cycle on the machine if permitted by the care label). It may stretch if you are not careful, so take great care.

When washed, smooth your cashmere gently back into its original shape. Place it flat on a towel and allow it to dry naturally. Avoid any direct heat such as radiators or strong sunlight. Never hang cashmere on a line to dry as this will cause lines and stretch marks. And tumble dry cashmere only if the care label specifically permits this.

When your cashmere garment is dry it can be gently pressed with a cool iron to remove any creases.

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