What Type Of Garment Did Saint Joanna Wear?
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She would have worn plain linens, comfortable long robes with a sash to tuck the garment in when she ran. She would have worn simple sandals on her feet. Because she frequently hung around with Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary (who was called Magdalene), Susanna and the other ladies, they all probary wore the same type of linens.

Men and women wore the same kind of clothing, but it differed in detail. They both would wear an inner garment and a girdle and an outer garment, but the dress of the woman was more elaborate and ornamented. However, the women wore longer tunics and larger mantles than the men. Also the women would often wear a veil covering their face.

The men and women would wear an inner garment or shirt next to their skin called a tunic. Usually this was without sleeves and reached down to the knees or sometimes all the way to the ankles. Wealthy people would wear tunics which had sleeves and which reached to the ankles.

The girdle was like a wide belt (about four to six inches wide) which went around the waist. Without this girdle, the tunic would be loose and it would interfere with a person’s ability to walk freely (this is why bathrobes have a strap that must be tied). Sometimes money was kept in a girdle (in a pouch) and sometimes the girdle was used to fasten a man’s sword to his body.

In Bible language, "to be girded" means "to be ready for action." It means "let nothing keep you back or interfere with your progress as you run the race which is before you" (see Luke 12:35).

The outer garment was called a mantle. It was like a large robe. The closest thing we have to it would be an overcoat. This mantle would shelter the person from the wind and the rain and it would also serve as a blanket at night. This is the outer garment or mantle which Elijah had and which became the property of Elisha (see 2 Kings 2:8-13).


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