Is There Really Good Shopping In The Garment District In Nyc?
And Is It Better To Stay In Jersey And Take The Subway Over? I've Looked At Some Hotels In Manhattan, They Are A Little Pricey.

Garment District is awesome and has great stuff and so does Jersey but you can't really find all those stores in just one area + there are some great stores around the Garment District and you don't have to travel like crazy, like you do in Jersey. Both are almost the same with the shops; no tax and almost the same stuff but I prefer you staying in New York.

Where Can I Find A Nannerpus T-Shirt?
I Love, Love, Love The Nannerpus!!! It'S The Best Commercial Ever, I Can'T Get The Song Out Of My Head. I Looked On Cafepress But They Didn'T Have T-Shirts With The Actual Nannerpus On Them. There Was A Design On Deviantart But There Weren'T Any T-Shirts For Sale. I Believe It'S A Copyright Infringement To Use His Image But Why Must Denny'S Hold The Nannerpus Hostage?!? It'S So Not Fair!!!

Print out one of the Google images and take it to a silk screen place and they'll make you T-shirts. No copyright infringement (as long as you don't make thousands of them).